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One City, Five Boroughs

NYC is a city of five boroughs—each with their own identity, character, and wealth of opportunities.


The largest of the city’s boroughs by land mass, Queens is known for its deep cultural and racial diversity. A true melting pot, no single ethnic group represents more than 28 percent of the borough’s population—making Queens one of the most linguistically diverse regions in the world. On top of its rich diversity, Queens is home to two of the busiest airports in the country, JFK and LaGuardia—making the borough a hub for global connection.

By The Numbers


The population of Queens

The Unisphere. Photo by Kate Glicksberg/NYC and Company.
Rockaway Beach. Photo by Julienne Schaer/NYC&Company.
Rockaway Beach
By The Numbers


Number of jobs created when JetBlue expanded in Long Island City in 2022

By The Numbers


Queens residents born outside the United States

Citi Field. Photo by Kate Glicksberg/NYC and Company.
Citi Field

Queens Industry Spotlight: Film & TV Production

When it comes to television and film, Quens has become a premier destination for production. Not only is it home to legacy film studios, such as Silvercup and Kaufman Astoria, but Queens is also a hotbed of new production spaces that are poised to energize the borough’s economy.

The Bronx

With a population of ~1.5 million people, if it were its own city the Bronx would be the seventh-largest in the United States—bigger than Dallas, San Diego, and Austin. The Bronx is home to the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center, the largest center of its kind in the world, which employs 10,000 New Yorkers and distributes over 4.5 billion pounds of food annually.

By The Numbers


Number of people who live in the Bronx, roughly 20 percent of the city’s total population

New York Botanical Garden. Photo by Tagger Yancey IV/NYC and Company
The Bronx in Bloom
Bronx Street Vendor. Photo by Edwin J Torres/Mayoral Office of Photography.
Street Vendors
By The Numbers


The number of colleges & universities based in the Bronx

By The Numbers


Space in the Bronx dedicated to parks & green space

Bronx Zoo
Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing & Logistics

Located on the Northern Tip of Manhattan, the Bronx has amazing connectivity to Queens, Manhattan, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island and Westchester, making it a hub for logistics.


Brooklyn is home to not only ~2.7 million New Yorkers—the most of any borough—but also some of the most active industry hubs throughout the city. Downtown Brooklyn, which is the 3rd-largest of New York City’s central business districts, has seen booming growth over the last decade, with a 35% spike in business presence and 51% increase in jobs since 2010. And with its 30 miles of shoreline, Brooklyn offers prime opportunities for businesses to capitalize on easy access to the city’s waterfront.

By The Numbers


Number of people who live in Brooklyn, more than 30 percent of the city’s total

Park Slope homes. Photo by Joe Buglewicz/NYC and Company
Park Slope
Grand Army Plaza, Photo by Tagger Yancey IV/NYC&Company
Grand Army Plaza
By The Numbers


Brooklyn residents who were born abroad.

By The Numbers


Largest city in America. Brooklyn is larger than Boston, Atlanta, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis combined.

Brooklyn Bridge, Photo by Brittany Petronella/NYC&Company
Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Industry Spotlight: Tech

The city’s most populus borough, Brooklyn has been a driving force behind the growth of New York City’s thriving startup ecosystem, valued at $147 billion and ranked #2 in the world. There are now over 46,000 tech jobs in the borough—a 42% increase since 2021.

Staten Island

The southernmost borough, Staten Island has experienced great change in recent decades; the population of Staten Island doubled between 1960 and 2000, and the number of businesses has increased by roughly 10 percent since 2012. With its large-scale industrial waterfront sites, Staten Island is set up to become a leader in climate innovation—sites like Rossville and the Arthur Kill Terminal play pivotal roles in the City’s $191 million commitment to growing the offshore wind industry.

By The Numbers


The population of Staten Island

Staten Island Ferry. Photo by Julienne Schaer/ NYC and Company.
Staten Island Ferry
Snug Harbor. Photo by Julienne Schaer/NYC and Company.
Snug Harbor
By The Numbers


The percentage of employed Staten Islanders who work in the borough

By The Numbers


Staten Island residents with a high school diploma, the highest of any borough

New Stapleton Waterfront. Photo by John Bartelstone/NYCEDC.
New Stapleton

Staten Island Industry Spotlight: Offshore Wind

Staten Island is poised to play an important role in the rapidly-growing offshore wind industry due to the borough’s network of maritime industrial businesses; OSW-sized industrial waterfront sites; existing City, federal, and private marine infrastructure; and extensive maritime history.


For centuries, Manhattan has been a source of admiration and inspiration for dreamers and entrepreneurs across the globe. Its thriving business districts from Broadway to Wall Street are synonymous with the city’s economic and cultural power. Its vibrant neighborhoods have been the wellspring of transformative art and literature. And its diverse neighborhoods welcome people from around the world.

By The Numbers


Largest office market in the country

The Oculus. Photo by Julienne Schaer/NYC and Company.
The Oculus
One World Trade Center. Photo by Julienne Schaer/NYC and Company.
One World Trade Center
By The Numbers


Home to the world’s largest stock exchange

By The Numbers


Largest central business district in the world

Chrysler Building. Photo by Julienne Schaer/NYC and Company
Chrysler Building

Manhattan Industry Spotlight: Life Sciences

The life sciences industry is one of New York City’s fastest growing and most economically significant sectors. And from the buzzing cluster of incubators in West Harlem to the emerging hub of innovation in Kips Bay, Manhattan is paving the way for New York City to become a global leader in life sciences.

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